Sauerländer Hof
Time out

...for all of you, who need a break. From your kids, from your job, from your in-laws, from your neighbours or simply because you want to come and enjoy our hospitality and location. :-)

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Hotline +49 2984-421

Taster Tip

Do you like our hotel? Then why not get to know it and stay from Sunday to Friday in a comfort, deluxe comfort or country house-style room at an especially attractive price!

from 156,00 € p.P.
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Sauerland hospitality the natural way!

Kerstin Bäumer (geb. Stöber) and Christoph Stöber
That is the easiest way to describe the style and character of our establishment. You can look forward to an atmosphere characterized by down-to-earth charm and our passion for being hosts, which dates back to 1870, or put another way, has flourished for five generations now.

Enjoy the snug, lovingly decorated interior, featuring light woods and warm colours. Savour a cuisine that really emphasises original fare and which splendidly combines the wonderful natural gifts of the Sauerland in a creative and elegant manner with the exceptional ingredients and flavours of modern German cuisine.

Take time to live, dream and relax. Here with us in Hallenberg. Feel at home in the Sauerländer Hof.

We put our heart and soul into taking really good care of you.





and the entire staff

Sauerländer Hof
Familie Stöber - Hallenberg