Sauerländer Hof
Festlich geschmückter Aussenbereich sorgt für behagliche und weihnachtliche Stimmung

Pre-Christmas sparkle

During Advent why not spend a few relaxing days in our festively decorated hotel and allow the crackling fire and the fragrant baked apples to get you into the mood for the most wonderful time of the year.

from 179,00 € p.P.
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Magical Christmas

Arrangement from 25th until 28th December 2019

Crackling fires, fragrant baked apples, snug facilities, featuring nooks and crannies and quaint timber-frame latticework, really match the festive mood, to which we contribute with exquisite meals and a varied programme of entertainment. We also highly recommend the Christmas concert given by Hallenberg’s "Concordia" musical ensemble.

from 312,00 € p.P.
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New Year´s Eve

End the year in style.The year is coming to a close... Why not finish up and join us to experience a cordial and stylish New Year's Eve.

Arrangement for 6 overnight stays with half-board (including breakfast buffet and 4-course dinner) from 28th December 2019 until 3rd January 2020.


from 637,00 € p.P.
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Easter Package

Age-old customs accompany Passion Week in Hallenberg. From Maundy Thursday onwards the bells are silent and children run through the streets clattering their rattles to invite people to go to church. At nightfall on Good Friday the Easter bonfire organised by the town’s young people chases away the ghosts of winter. And on Holy Saturday? A procession of ghosts roars through the historic lanes – unique in Germany.

from 336,00 € p.P.
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Sauerländer Hof
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