Sauerländer Hof

My, how time flies...

In 1870 Franz-Heinrich Stöber bought Lachemeier’s and was granted a licence to operate an inn there. The Sauerländer Hof was born and it has developed over five generations of Stöber family history to become what it is today: An extremely comfortable hotel in which you can experience hospitality as a tradition that comes from the heart.

Even the fire of 1929, in which the hotel was burned to the ground, only destroyed the building but not our passion for hospitality. The hotel was completely rebuilt within one year.

The Sauerländer Hof has undergone many changes. The biggest one was made in 1994, when we expanded our capacity by more than 100%, yet preserving the essence of our establishment’s typical style and charm. Take in all the loving decorative touches and the many vintage details: you will discover small anecdotes from our past – in a truly cosy atmosphere.

Sauerländer Hof
Familie Stöber - Hallenberg